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Date: 11th August 2016
I Offer
I offerThe bitcoin is a revolutionary new currency that has just hit the mainstream but many people don?t take the time or effort to understand why they should use it. Here I offer you some good reasons why you should start using this virtual currency. When you pay ?a cheque to a bank , they will often hold the money for a few days because they can?t trust the funds available. Besides, international wire transfers also take a relatively long time. Bitcoin transfers on the other hand are much, much faster. The bitcoin is a decentralised currency which means no central authority has control and banks can?t take it away from you. If you find your trust in traditional banking dwindling , I offer to give you a big benefit by suggesting the bitcoin.Another key advantage is that once bitcoins are sent, they?re gone, the sender is unable to retrieve them without the recepient?s consent. This makes it almost impossible to commit the kind of fraud that we see with credit cards where people make a purchase and later call the credit card company for a chargeback ?effectively putting the transaction in reverse. I offer another reason and it?s a big one: a person cannot steal your information from merchants. Online forms ask you to enter all your secret information and its hard to think of a less secure way to do business. Bitcoin transfers on the other hand don?t ask you to reveal any secret information. Instead they use two keys , a public key and a private one. Anyone can see the public key but the private key is your secret. When you send a bitcoin, you "sign" it with a combination of your public and private keys and applying a mathematical function to them. This creates a certificate that proves that you sent the transaction. Moreover, a bitcoin is not subject to inflation. If the economy is slowing, then the government can take newly created money and inject it into the economy , effectively causing the value of the currency to decrease. Inflation is difficult to control and decreases the buying power of people. Bitcoin was designed to have the maximum number of coins, only 21 million will ever be created. As a matter of fact, deflation, which means that price of goods and services fall is more likely with the bitcoin. I offer another reason, a bitcoin transaction is as private as we want it to be. Sometimes we don?t want to reveal what we have purchased, bitcoin is relatively private currency. It?s a bit like having a clear plastc wallet-everyone can look inside it but no one knows whose it is. Due to the blockchain , everybody gets to know how much a bitcoin address holds in transactions. In a conventional banking system you put your faith in people , but in bitcoin transactions, you need not trust anyone. When you send a transaction , it is digitally signed and totally secure. The Bitcoin Expert Guide by Thomas Meyers tells you all that you ever wanted to know about bitcoin. It tells you about the history of bitcoin , what is bitcoin, what the blockchain is , payment processing, wallets, the true worth of bitcoin, buying, trading, mining and also where you can aquire free bitcoins. Bitcoin-the expert guide , is available at $8.99.The book is available as a pdf download and there is a 60 day money backpolicy where you don?t stand to lose anything. Purchase it and get started on the road to financial revolution.
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